Blastwave Imaging Elements Library

Blastwave Imaging Elements Library

2,500 cutting edge production elements

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Blastwave Imaging Elements Library is quickly becoming recognized the most comprehensive high definition imaging library ever created.

Conceived by critically acclaimed sound designer, Ric Viers, This collection of 2,500 sound effects has it all. There are production elements, logos, distortions, low frequency effects, musical elements, drones, compositions, and a collection of 5.1 surround sound elements.

This library is delivered as 24-bit/96 kHz broadcast .wav files as a download.

Like all Blastwave FX products, this library is embedded with descriptive metadata that is compatible with Soundminer, Pro Tools, NetMix, Basehead, AudioFinder, iTunes and other popular sound effects library search engines.

Order your copy of the most comprehensive imaging library ever created.