Foley I Sound Effects Library

Foley I Sound Effects Library

Ingredients for sonic reality

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Introducing Foley I Sound Effects Library from Sonopedia 3.0, the encyclopedia of general sound effects from Blastwave FX.

The Foley I library includes 3,589 high definition sound effects - everything an audio professional will need to add those elements that make a scene come alive. From human movements to object movements to footsteps, Foley I has it covered. If you need a lever pulled, bag unzipped, an umbrella opened, or high heels on a gravel road, this is your library!

This library is delivered as 24-bit/96 kHz broadcast .wav files as a download.

Like all Blastwave FX products, this library is embedded with descriptive metadata that is compatible with Soundminer, Pro Tools, NetMix, Basehead, AudioFinder, iTunes and other popular sound effects library search engines.

Purchase your copy of Foley I today and start bringing your productions to life.